Adam James


"Adam James" formally know a "Popular" is one of the founders of "House Of M". James released his 1st hiphop mixtape "Thru My Eyes" back in 2013 to local success with such songs as "Dreams" & "Heartbreak Hotel". His biggest musical influences are Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Nas, 50 cent, and Michael Jackson. He prides himself on being raised in church and having that strong inspiration from his mother to have a strong will to be a great engineer write music from the spirit with a clear train of thought. Which gives the label of a "Conscience Rapper"



"Righteous", is the co-founder of "House Of M" along with Adam James and Mike Anthem. A very unique recording artist, from the way he uses metaphor's in his music to his lyrical content with a style that rival even his influences. He's heavily influenced by Nas, Scarface and Jay-z and it can be heard in his verses.

Mike Anthem


"Mike Anthem" the producer, and final co-founder of House of M. Anthem being long time friends with Adam James and Righteous helped them both with development of they're sound and introduced them to a new sound...His. Mike Anthem has a very unique sound in his production being inspired by producers such as "Dr. Dre" "Timbaland" and "Kanye West" Mike Anthem is helping "House Of M" get they're sound heard. 

Nate "The Quiet Storm"


The name Quiet Storm is an accurate description of Nate. Labled as a true producer Nate "The Quiet Storm" where he doesn't say, much he speaks through his production. Hailing from Texas, Nate brings more of the smooth bass 808 drum and sampling into his produced beats. He once said that he never had any influences, he wanted to make music because he was always around it, and he loves to create melodies from scratch. He also quoted if there were no music for him, he'd still possibly be doing something involving creating.

Oliver Lex


A free spirited young artist with his own unique style, from his own perspective. Oliver Lex brings emotion and fun to his listeners by touching on more social topics such as relationships and life as he view it, by incorporating singing and rapping into his melodies. Still a raw talent, Oliver Lex works on his music and learns as he go's. With dedication to be a great artist he plans to make believers out of his doubters.

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